Brief Preliminary Findings

The Irish E-Commerce Survey will be closing this Friday, April 1st. If you have not done so already, please take a moment to fill out the questionnaire: Go Direct to the E-Commerce Survey.

With only a week left of the Irish E-Commerce Survey, we have gathered some preliminary information. While an average of 55 companies responded to background information, there is only an average of 25 responses to those questions most significant to e-commerce. With more participation, the results will become more robust and relevant to those competing in the e-commerce market in Ireland.

While we believe all the survey questions have potential valuable insights, if you only have a short amount of time, we ask that you still take a moment to participate. Please answer the first few questions on company information and respond to the following questions: total online turnover, total website visits, and total orders placed through the website.


The following involve some of the early findings of the Irish E-Commerce Survey:

Because 93% of businesses who responded (55 out of 59) are headquartered in Ireland and 83% (48 out of 58) are micro with less than 10 employees, the following averages only take into account respondents fitting this criteria (across all industries).

Lifetime of E-commerce Site: 2.75 Years Range: 2 months – 8 years (48 Responses)

Average Total Turnover: €466,683 Range: €2,500 – €5.2M (27 Responses)

Average Online Turnover: € 114,704 Range: €520 – €380,000 (26 Responses)

*As seen from above, online sales are accounting for almost ¼ of total company turnover.

Average Conversion Rate: 1.87% Range: 0.00% – 4.52% (Calculated from 27 Responses)

Average Basket Value: € 102.73 Range: €3.33 – €404.76 (Calculated from 24 Responses)

85% (41 out of 48) of respondents to the question on what type of analytics software is used, have Google Analytics. However, only 60% (29 of 48) of respondents use the e-commerce tracking available in the analytics software.

In regards to what type of conversion rates are tracked through the e-commerce site, 90% (25 responses) look at sales while 21% (6 responses) also track registrations.

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