Survey Definitions

Some of the terms below may be seen in the Irish E-commerce Survey. The following definitions were taken from the Google Analytics glossary.

Average Order Value: The average value of each order

Bounce (one page) Rate: The percentage of single-page visits or visits in which the person left your site from the entrance (landing) page

Click-through Rate: (CTR) The number of times an ad is clicked on, divided by the number of impressions it receives

Conversion Rate: The percentage of sessions in which visitors reached a URL destination goal

Impression: A display of a referral link or advertisement on a web page

Items per Order: The average number of items purchased per order

Traffic: Number of visits to the company e-commerce sites

Turnover: Revenue generated by transactions through the company e-commerce sites

URL Destination Goal: page that visitors see once they have completed an activity. For an account sign-up, this might be the “Thank You for signing up” page. For a purchase, this might be the receipt page. A URL Destination goal triggers a conversion when a visitor views the specified page.

Visit/Session: A period of interaction between a visitor’s browser and a particular website, ending when the browser is closed or shut down, or when the user has been inactive on that site for a specified period of time

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