Why have a Survey?

How many Google searches have to be run to find current statistics relating to the status of Ireland’s e-commerce sector?

Too many.

Few results turn up that are relevant to the specific statistics that would be helpful to existing or emerging companies. By the time one finds a minimum number of potentially useful data, such as the total revenue from the online channel or upcoming trends, it is easy to forget why one started the search in the first place. Not to mention that many of the statistics are rarely on a country basis much less broken down by sector. The most recent State of the Net quarterly issue states that “there is a scarcity of robust e-commerce data in this market.” Agreed.

As more and more consumers are turning to the internet to research products and make purchases, e-commerce is becoming an increasingly important aspect of conducting business. The Winter 2010 State of the Net bulletin explains that “Irish businesses are losing out to overseas e-commerce providers which have been aggressively targeting Irish consumers.” As of November 2010, of the 66% of Irish businesses that had websites, only 21% had e-commerce capability, according to the .ie Domain Registry.

If Irish companies hope to compete, knowledge of important statistics related specifically to the state of Irish e-commerce and the different sectors within it would be incredibly useful. This is where our survey comes into play. Because the market is changing rapidly, the goal of the survey will be to keep Irish e-commerce statistics current and relevant while also simplifying the data search.

The launched survey will be aimed at companies competing in Irish e-commerce. Among the data gathered will be information regarding turnover, conversion rates, traffic, and total orders. The results of the survey will allow for better benchmarking for those already competing in the Irish e-commerce sphere.

Wouldn’t it be useful to know in what areas your company needs to work at to improve results?

New ventures will also benefit through having a greater understanding of realistic expectations and projections. The more information available, the better prepared companies will be to compete.

Lastly, as the hope is to complete the survey annually from this point forward, it will provide an understanding of how the state of Ireland’s e-commerce is changing through the years.

Okay, so that’s why we should have a survey – now you may want to know why you should participate.


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