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Information Needed for Survey

Since we know that everyone is busy with the day to day running of business, we wanted to provide as much information as possible to help prepare everyone for the survey. Some of the questions will be insight and opinion related. Below is a list of items that relate to questions requesting hard figures. Organizing this data in advance will speed up the survey taking process. All information requested in the survey will pertain to Financial Year 2010, and we ask that responses be in Euro where applicable. As a reminder, the survey is completely anonymous; however, any questions pertaining to sensitive company information will still be optional. We want you to feel comfortable and able to choose the information you would like to share. For further details on data privacy and protection, click here.

Company Corporate Information

Total Turnover

E-Commerce Website Information

Total Visits

Total Orders


Average Conversion Rate

Average Basket Value

Average Bounce Rate

Pages Viewed per Visit

Time Spent on Website per Visit

Cost per Acquisition Information

Information regarding online and offline advertising spend related to the company’s e-commerce website(s) will also be requested (i.e. Google AdWord Spend, Facebook Advertising, TV, Radio, etc) .


Please feel free to contact us with any questions on how to access the information we are requesting or for definitions of specific survey terms.

Latest Version of Survey Questions

The Irish E-Commerce Survey is set to launch tomorrow, March 9th! We have updated the survey again – there are a few minor changes and additions. We have posted the questions so that companies participating in the survey have an idea what to expect and what information will be requested. We welcome suggestions and feedback. Let us know if there are any questions you feel would not be beneficial or if there is any other information you find important and want us to consider including.

Irish E-commerce Survey Questions

Be on the lookout for an update on how to find the information requested!

Survey Questions Updated 3.3.2011

Another updated version of the survey with a few cost questions and a couple changes to social media questions. Let us know your feedback!

Irish E-commerce Survey Questions

Version 3 of Survey Questions

We have once again updated the questions that will potentially be in the upcoming Irish E-Commerce Survey. Thanks to Cormac’s suggestions, we have added a couple of questions on social media and other online marketing efforts. Please share with us your opinion on which questions you perceive as most valuable to you and your company. We want all parties involved to benefit from the information gathered through the survey.

Irish E-commerce Survey Questions

Updated Survey Questions

We have made some changes to the questions regarding industries and specialisations in which companies compete. We have also added one or two questions on perceptions of market size. The updated version has been attached, please take a moment to review the changes.

Let us know what you think of the survey content! We welcome feedback on how you feel about the type of information we will be requesting – What do you think will be useful? Is there anything you are not interested in knowing? What other statistics would you like to have?

Comment through the blog, email us at, or tweet us @irishecommerce.

Irish E-commerce Survey Questions Draft 2

Irish E-Commerce Survey Questions

Goals and Objectives: To develop an independent survey on the state of Irish e-commerce that will provide anonymity to survey respondents but will allow participants’ a greater understanding of this sector.

Below is a link to a draft of the survey questions to aid in further understanding of the types of information that will be addressed. The survey includes questions about the participant, company background information, online activity data (how many websites the company operates, geographic markets, perceived market size), e-commerce statistics (traffic, conversion rate, turnover, orders), and other website information (bounce rate, Google AdWords expenditures, Facebook CTR).

We welcome any comments or suggestions you would like to offer about the content of the survey. Please feel free to comment through the blog or email us directly at

Irish E-commerce Survey Questions