Convincing your boss or client

Please feel free to use the text below in an email to your boss or client:

The Irish E-Commerce Survey is an independent survey created to further the knowledge and statistics available on this sector. More consumers are turning to online shopping and more companies are taking part in this growing market. However, there are few robust statistics specific to Irish e-commerce. The survey will provide country and industry-wide conversion rate and average basket value statistics along with other information specific to the industry in which your company competes. If you like, you can provide the survey with an email address which will allow the survey team to provide you with an automatically generated personalised report, allowing for easy benchmarking against the industry and country as a whole.

During the survey process, your anonymity is guaranteed. Your company name will never be requested; there will be no link between information collected and your company. The email requested to receive a personalised report does not have to be a company address and no effort will be made to connect the email address with the data provided.

Data will be securely stored. A U.S.-based company will be used for the survey data collection and analysis. Data will be stored in the U.S. while the survey is open to responses. However, immediately after the 3 week survey period, the data will be removed and stored on servers in Ireland.

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