In brief, what’s the goal?

Our goal is to answer these two questions:

1. I’m an Irish company thinking of selling online to the Irish (and maybe eventually the U.K.) market. What are my opportunities? What kind of figures should I expect to achieve?

2. I’m an established Irish e-commerce merchant, I’ve been selling into the Irish market for a while – what’s my benchmark? How well am I doing?

We want to take an industry and/or sector of that industry and provide an average conversion rate and average basket value as it relates specifically to the Irish e-commerce market.

This will allow an existing Irish merchant to say:

“I’m in the Home Improvements sector. The average conversion rate for that sector is 2.7%, and the average basket value €120. Am I meeting those averages?”

And, a new merchant to say:

“I’m in the Home Improvements sector. The average conversion rate is 2.7%, the average basket value is €120 – if I can get 10,000 people onto my site per month I can expect a turnover of about 10,000 * 2.7% * 120 = €32,400 per month.”

Companies currently competing in Irish e-commerce will be able to benchmark their business. Companies considering launching an e-commerce site will be better able to predict future online business.

This is our core goal.

As part of the survey, we will also be asking for, and gathering, other information relating to perceived market size, general traffic figures, target markets, etc in the course of the survey  which we think will serve to further increase knowledge related to Irish e-commerce.

If you’re still wondering why we should have an Irish E-commerce Survey, or why you should participate read: Why Have A Survey? and Why Participate?

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