Why participate in the Irish E-Commerce Survey

This is a ‘help me help you’ situation. While we understand there may be some hesitance to release certain statistics pertaining to company business, the outcome for participating companies is highly relevant e-commerce information. The more companies that participate, the more reliable the data collected. As mentioned before, there is currently a lack of Irish e-commerce information; this survey could begin to solve that problem.

Should a company submit a valid e-mail address at the completion of the survey, we will provide a personalized report with company statistics, industry sector statistics, and overall Irish statistics. Essentially, this will be a report card of how your company is doing versus your industry and Irish e-commerce on the whole. However, if a company feels uncomfortable with providing an e-mail, a general report with Irish statistics and information broken down by industry will still be provided.

The benefits of having information for the Irish market are numerous. Part of the survey will include questions on the perceived market size of each industry allowing for an educated estimation of overall market size. There will also be hard data on conversion rates. For existing companies, this information will enhance benchmarking ability as well as illuminate which sectors might contain the most potential for expansion and diversification. By and large it will increase participants’ knowledge base, arming them to better compete in the Irish e-commerce sphere.

We know everyone is busy with days full of meetings and deadlines, but we truly feel the results of this survey will be extremely beneficial to all companies competing in the Irish e-commerce sphere. Upon the launch of the survey we hope each company will spare a few minutes to complete the survey!

Next up…example questions for the survey.

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