Realex Payments on E-Commerce

For those who don’t know, Realex is a leading European payment services provider headquartered here in Ireland. With the start of 2011, the company has revealed some incredibly interesting e-commerce information. During 2010, Realex processed more than €9bn, an increase of around €3bn from the previous year. The growth came from both an increased number of companies signing up with Realex as well as an increased amount of volume from existing businesses. Additionally, consumers spent an average of €252 per transaction in November 2010; this was up from €182 in the same month of the previous year.

While the company is focused on international growth – over 50% of what they process is for international clients – the Irish market is still important and growing. Because of their interest in the Irish market, Realex “analysed the numbers for 2010, and of the total €9.6bn, approximately €1.4bn related to Irish based SMEs.” These numbers represented a 38% increase in what had been processed in 2009. 71% of this increase came from existing online retailers increasing their sales, while 29% represented new Irish online businesses.

Many thanks to Realex for providing such enlightening e-commerce information. For further details, please see:

Realex Payments announce profits of €780k as turnover increases to €7 million and

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